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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Crushing On Accomplished Women


Lisa Bonet, from 1985-1994, was perfection.

Being Beautiful Isn't Enough…

I was just sitting here, contemplating… The women that I have crushed over, over the years, were always accomplished women.

Whether they were female rappers, female singers, or actresses. Those were the women I crushed over the most. Now, don't get me wrong, there are millions of women out there that I (would be) attracted to enough to bang… but does that really mean anything?

Millions of women can be deemed as beautiful, but who are they beyond that beauty? Do they have heart and soul? What else are they doing besides looking pretty?

Once upon a time, I confused being addicted to sex… with a certain someone… as love… and I learned the hard way that that is the worst way to go about maintaining a relationship.

It was always my fantasies versus my reality, and the fantasy was always better. I found that the women that I was dealing with, in my real life, were cold, calculating, and would always put themselves above me in their mind. The way they treated me was clearly a reflection of that concept. Thus, these relationships didn't work out.

To love someone is to care about them more than you care about yourself… and most women could never care about someone more than they care about themselves. This includes their own children, but, I digress.

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