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Saturday, June 19, 2021

The Generosity of Colombianos

So, today was one of the craziest days I ever had. The day started off with me waking up and feeling bummed out about the fact that I had to verbally destroy Berta Vázquez (Birtukan Tibebe) and Bastian Afkarte (AFKAR)… for purposely being snakes and ripping off my idea, all the while, executing that idea without me. See more on that here, here, and here.

However, I wanted to make the most of the day and have a Sabado Bueno. So, I walked in a circle, stopping along the way. I went from Avenida San Juan… to a 2-story McDonald's in Laureles… to the Unicentro Mall… and back to Avenida San Juan. More on that later.

When I got back to my apartment, I wanted to take the trash out. As I am taking the trash out, I leave my door open, thinking nothing of it, and the wind closed my door on me, locking me out. So, there I am, standing there… in my shorts… with no shoes on, only socks. So, I had to knock on random doors in my apartment building, asking Colombian strangers for help. The first two didn't open their door. Then, an old Colombian couple, in a unit on the floor below mine, opened their door. I spoke the (little) amount of Spanish that I knew and asked for their help, explaining my situation. They allowed me to come into their home, as they called someone who works for the building to open my door for me with a second set of keys.

Want to hear the weird part? The guy in the unit right across the hall from me was an Americano. The old Colombian couple told me this. Yet, THEY (the old couple) opened their door, listened to me explain my problem, and made phone calls to help me out. My problem was solved thanks to them. May the universe bestow infinite blessings upon them.

¡Viva Colombia!

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