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Monday, February 22, 2021

Do More. Don't Die Broke.

Bro… here's what I think is sad… People will get a job and stick with that job for DECADES… but they never amount to anything MORE.

Prime example: I knew this guy who was a limo driver and he had been a limo driver in Las Vegas since he was in his mid-20s… When he died, he was 60+ years old and living in a senior citizen's home… just waiting to get sick and die.

He NEVER got rich being a limo driver… all those years… he never strived to be anything MORE than a limo driver. Her never started his own business or invested his own money into anything. He didn't even own a home when he died.

I am only 39 and I have already done more with my life than he ever did… in his 60+ years on this Earth.

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