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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pantheist / Pantheism

What is life if not a long road to define your own spirituality and beliefs? My "religion" felt nearly impossible to define. I was raised to be a Christian. I was never a devout Christian. Instead, I chose to seek answers for myself. As a child, my mother and relatives had me going to several denominations of Christian churches such as Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, and Mormon (LDS).

On July 8, 2004 I moved from Georgia to Las Vegas, NV. The majority of my biological father's side of the family lived in Vegas. Most of them were devout Mormons or at least held some Mormon beliefs and values. At some point early in the years after I moved to Vegas they began to tell me "If you just take the time to read the Bible and The Book of Mormon you'll see that they are the "true" religion". So, I did take the time to read those books and, as a funny reaction, the more I read them the more I disbelieved the things I was reading and the further removed I felt from Christianity and religious doctrine of any sort as a whole.

Since then, I've studied not only the aspects of each religion, but their histories and the people responsible for their creation. I came to the consensus that religion itself was fiction. Religion is a man made lie to comfort those who need to fill a void in their life and to give guidance to those who fear the unknown. Instead of simply accepting the idea that you (or anyone else for that matter) do not know the truth about historical, spiritual, scientific, or supernatural events, you/they have chosen to fill in this gap with stories and lies. This system of lies is also used as a means to control the masses.

Like anyone else in this world, in order for me to explain why I left Christianity and how I have come to my current belief system, it would be a very long winded discussion. So, to make things easier, I've decided to simply list things I do believe in and things I do not believe in:

Things I do believe in
  • GOD: Not in a traditional or religious sense. I believe GOD to be a higher power. A moving force or energy source of some sort. I do not attempt to personify GOD in any way, shape or form. Some Christians would have you believe GOD is a 500 ft. tall white man with a white beard wearing a white robe and performing miracles (magic tricks). I do not fully understand what GOD is. I do believe GOD has some sort of correlation within our lives whether it be direct or indirect. GOD pertains to our planet or the universe(s) as a whole. I am also unable to determine GOD's involvement in evolution.
  • Evolution: I do believe that things evolve, become "better", smarter, and more efficient over time. I also believe in evolution as a means to adapt to one's environment. Science has proven this and it is shown in nature yet religious types still prefer the idea that everything is created by a deity of some sort.
  • Karma: I do believe in good (positive) and bad (negative) forces and/or energies that move in a never ending cycle or pattern. Much like a scientist would explain the differences between matter and anti-matter. I do believe that if you do something to harm someone or something or have ill will or negative intentions towards someone or something that it will inevitably come back to harm you in some way. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This also applies to my belief in a "good" vs. "evil".
  • Science: I do believe that if a being were to become smart enough they could ascertain the origins of something and replicate it. This is science and science is directly related to evolution in the terms of our minds evolving and the passing along of knowledge and information.
  • The Mind+Body+Spirit Equation: I do believe that we have a mind, body, and spirit. These three things work together to act as life, producing a living sentient being with a conscience. The spirit currently being an unascertainable form of energy which is transcendent in nature. The overall purpose, origins, and destination of our spirit(s) is undeterminable. This is yet another reason why I abandoned the concepts of religion.
  • Equality: Specifically pertaining to Human Beings, I believe all human being s should be treated equally regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preferences, social class or creed, or financial state.
Things I do not believe in
  • Religion: I do not believe in any religion or the doctrines/rituals/structures therein. This includes The Bible, The Koran/Quran, etc. and virtually everything stated within them. As stated above, I believe all religions to be based on lies and elaborate stories created by men and women whose true intentions are up for debate. I believe religion is a learned behavior, meaning that it only exists because someone else told you about it and convinced you to believe in it. I will elaborate on this later in other postings.
  • Jesus Christ's Existence: I do not believe Jesus Christ ever existed. I believe he is a made up character in a collection of made up stories (i.e. The Bible). Websites like and documentaries such as "Religulous" and "Zeitgeist" elaborate much further as to the historically inaccurate, fictitious, and derivative nature of a "Jesus" figure. I can not currently speak on the existence of a Mohammed (Muslim/Islam) figure as I have not studied this religion.
  • Catching The Holy Ghost: You know, when people are in church and they start freaking out. I do not believe they are catching any such "holy ghost". I believe they are doing 1 of 2 things: (1) Completely making it up and acting out in an attempt to get attention and/or affirm their non-existent beliefs. Essentially they are just putting on a performance (2) They are having a psychotic break. Note: I wonder how come no one seems to catch the holy ghost in any other place besides church on Sunday? It'd be funny to see them catch the holy ghost in a supermarket. Apparently the "holy ghost" only appears at a certain place at a certain time. Maybe he/she has a schedule to keep. Also, if the "holy ghost" were real, how come it only affects certain people at certain churches? I would assume something as powerful as the "holy ghost" would affect every living thing. Apparently the "holy ghost" really likes imposing upon African-Americans because they seem to be the ones who "catch it" the most.
  • The Class System: To say I don't believe in this means I do not believe it to be beneficial to the human race. Things like indifference to race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preferences, social class or creed, or financial state are only posed as a means to separate/segregate us from each other. If we could all be on the "same page", in regards to respecting each other, we would certainly gain peace. I also believe these things to be hindering human evolution.

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