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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Taking a note from Gary Busey's Busey-isms, I've decided to collect much of my thoughtful thoughts here...

"I consider all negativity TOWARDS ME as simple jealousy, cause I work too hard for it to be anything else." - @MakellBird

"If you NEED a book teaching you how to have SEX, you shouldn't be having sex at all" - @MakellBird

"Funny how these hoes do porn and say "I'm just doing it for college $"… 10 years later they're still doing porn and haven't even signed up for college" - @MakellBird

"It's weird to see a porn star with a photo album online. It's like "Here's me sucking c0ck, and here's my family"" - @MakellBird

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