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Monday, December 16, 2019

Pre-Soviet Tahoe OG Strain Review

About this strain: Pre-Soviet Tahoe is a cross between Pre-Soviet Afghani and Tahoe OG. You can look up those strains individually as well to get a further glimpse into the effects this strain may create with your body chemistry. Note that Afghani itself is in the Kush lane and is a landrace strain indica.

Taste: Smooth, green, pine, dank. The dominant terpene here was β-Myrcene (beta myrcene) and it should be noted that this same terpene is found in lemongrass… which makes perfect sense because that "green grass" taste is exactly how I would describe the taste of Pre-Soviet Tahoe.

Pros: Super smooth (on the pull) and taste. The pine/green taste is definitely there. Great strain to smoke with friends as it makes you extremely chatty.

Cons: None, really. I wouldn't suggest people drive after smoking this though. It's one of those "stay at home and chill" strains but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Again, this isn't really a complaint, but the buds in this specific batch weren't sugary crystals with noticeable trichomes. I've had strains that got me higher than this, of course. Hence the 4/5 stars.

How does it make you feel?: I smoked this around 2 pm on a Sunday. It made me extremely talkative like a high powered sativa. Super smooth. In the beginning stages of the high, within the first hour, I was extremely talkative. I smoked this with my female cousin and I was talking her ears off for 30 minutes straight! LOL! Then, as it phases out, you just feel really relaxed and want to lay in bed and watch TV. It doesn't give you couch lock though, thank goodness.
Overall Rating: 4 / 5 stars.

Purchased at: Nevada Made Marijuana in Henderson, NV.
Grower / Supplier: Old Pal Flower
THC: 19.5%
CBD: 0%
CBN: 0%
Indica, Sativa, Hybrid?: Indica dominant

Terpene Profile
β-Myrcene: 2.89 mg/g
β-Caryophyllene: 2.17 mg/g
Limonene: 1.19 mg/g

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