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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Makell Bird vs The ORIGINAL 90210

As a kid, I watched 90210. At that time, such a show was considered taboo, especially with me watching it at such a young age. Now, The Soap network is airing reruns. This means I get to re-watch 90210 as an adult and I can say it feels like a TOTALLY NEW show!

The characters are so stereotypically surreal it's enough to drive a viewer crazy. Hence it's original popularity. For example, Steve is your typical pompous rich kid who just wants to party on mommy-and-daddy's money and bang every chick in site. Whereas Dillon/Dylan is your typical drugged up rich kid, and a player to boot!

Over-the-top themes include characters randomly having extra "Jew-pride", Dillon/Dylan going to rehab and tilting his head every time he wants to say something sweet or serious, and Steve throwing a party that gets patronized by lesbians mainly.

90210,... I salute you!... for having the balls to throw something like this on T.V.

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