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Monday, June 21, 2010

Soulja Boy sounds off on Arab and Khleo!

Soulja took to his chat room today and almost every fan in the chat room had the same question(s): Who is and who isn't signed to the SODMG label?

When asked about Arab he replied that Arab was offered a major deal with Interscope Records, but when Arab asked for millions the deal went sour. Soulja goes on to explain how Arab is a dumbass (YES HE SAID IT, several times in fact, see below) and that Arab wanted a deal similar to what Drake was offered

When asked about Khleo he replied that Bow Wow had apparently contacted Khleo, angry that he was associating with Soulja Boy and Khleo chose to leave.
Another 1 Throwback pic of Boweezy n Kle @Khleo_T looked so s... on Twitpic

When asked about Lil B and the knockout situation, he chose to decline commenting on that.

Soulja began repeating "I AM SOD!", in the context that the livelihood of the SODMG label rests solely with him. However, he did admit that JBar was the only official SODMG signed artist

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