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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day = Sushi Sadness

Overall, today was a great Father's Day. However, I learned something today that pulled on my heartstrings. The sushi place I frequented most, Sushi Factory, is no longer ran by the 2 people I considered friends.

I started going to Sushi Factory in Henderson, NV about a year ago. From the beginning it was ran by a young Japanese man with glasses by the name of Naka (short for Nakamura). Naka was the head sushi chef who owned 3/4 of that location. He was backed up by an even younger sushi chef with long hair by the name of Aki.

I used to visit Sushi Factory every week because I, like most of the regular patrons of that restaurant, were always greeted and approached with kindness. The food was always great. Naka and Aki were masters at providing custom rolls and would surprise me from time to time. It was also their personality that cheered up the whole place. They were very sociable and loved to carry on conversations with their regulars. From time to time, they would even take shots of sake with their customers, which was always funny.

I went on a fast food strike to sorta clean out my body and to save a buck. Although I loved Sushi Factory, it was expensive to spend $30 every week on their all-you-can-eat sushi meal, and I didn't return until today, Father's Day, about a month later.

As soon as I walked through the door I noticed something had drastically changed. The entire staff had been replaced! I asked our waiter, who happened to barely speak English and could hardly take our order, what happened, hoping that Naka and Aki had simply took the day off seeing as how it was Father's Day and all. I knew that was a stretch because Naka literally worked all day every day at that restaurant, which is why he was so easily recognizable by the customers. I was then told that Aki had moved back to Japan and they had no clue where Naka was! My wife and I were shocked to say the least. When I got home, I called the other Sushi Factory (East) location across town hoping that Naka had, for some weird reason, went back to work there. Sadly, they told me that Naka simply quit and no one knows where he is at now.

Today was a sad day for me. Not only does it feel like I just lost 2 friends, whom I'll prolly never see again, but I don't think I can go back to Sushi Factory again because the service and atmosphere will never be the same without Naka and Aki :(

If anyone knows the Naka (Nakamura) or Aki whom I've mentioned in this post, please tell them about this blog and to contact me

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