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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

I Just Watched "The Shining" (1980) For The First Time (Review)

It was a pretty good movie. I'd rate it a 9/10. I would have given it a 10 but there were some things about the movie that were completely unexplained. Here are some key takeaways and afterthoughts though:
  • It's clear Jack Nicolson was allowed to act as crazy as he wanted to act in this movie. I see why people like the movie so much and why people say this is one of Jack Nicholson's best performances.
  • The kid (the son) was genuinely creepy himself. Perhaps even creepier than the two little girls.
  • This movie says a lot about mental illness being passed down from generation to generation. The father being mentally ill, whether that mental illness was already there or induced by the spirits of the hotel, and the son being mentally ill, which seemed like a pre-existing condition.
  • Stanley Kubrick is a master at framing and wide angle shots. The eerie music was also a nice touch.
  • The hotel, in the movie, was actually a quite beautiful hotel. So were the mountains surrounding it.
  • Fast forward into the future, and it's clear that the movie "1408" is a rip-off of the concept presented in this movie. Nevertheless, I actually liked "1408" and I'm sure there are many movies that have copied concepts from this film.

Side Note: Wednesday July 12 2023, Earth Day #15295 in the life of Makell Bird. The first day I ever saw the movie "The Shining"

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