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Monday, May 8, 2023

Bloated, High, and Disappointed

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I couldn't help but feel disappointed in myself over the past week. I was taking stock of my life, once again, and I realized how much time I spent… every day (almost)… where my afternoons were just me waddling around my condo high (off cannabis) and bloated. You see, I've been doing this eating regiment for the last 3 months where I will order enough food to feed 3-4 people… thus lasting me 3-4 meals… which, ultimately, saves me money on food. This, of course, is what makes me feel bloated for hours.

Seeing as how I've been getting high pretty steadily since 2006… after a co-worker was giving me a free and steady (daily) supply of Bin Laden weed (a/k/a Afghani Kush)… this whole idea of me smoking cannabis (almost) every afternoon to wind down was normal for me.

I do spend a lot of time working, mainly by researching the various ways to improve my workflow and maximize my profits in my investments, albeit over time and preparing for the future. So, I'm not a totally lazy stoner with nothing going for himself. Plus, I have to remind myself that I have accomplished more than my peers, by a milestone, and I shouldn't be beating myself up for feeling as if I'm not being productive enough… a feeling that has plagued me since my teenage years.

I do often compare my life, and where I'm at, now… to the 2004-2007 years. I have a lot more money now. I live in Bello Antioquia Colombia. Back then, I lived in Las Vegas Nevada USA and was working a 9-5 in data entry (Sprint, ABPA, insurance). The 2 things I miss the most about that time in my life (2004-2007) are:

  1. Everything in Vegas was new to me. Driving all around Las Vegas back then was awesome. I would be walking into these hotels / casinos / resorts and checking them out for the first time. I would be trying restaurants left and right, trying to figure out where my hot spots would be.
  2. I was only paying $450 – $700 for rent + bills back then. Today, finding rent for $450 in Las Vegas in nearly impossible. The good news is: Rent is Colombia is $500 – $1,200.

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