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Sunday, August 14, 2022

ADED.US Music Distribution Catalog – ADED-00001 - ADED-00127

Well, since January 2022 marks the 10-year anniversary of ADED.US Music Distribution making it's distribution services available to the public, I thought it would only be right for me to remind people about all the hard work we have done. Since 2012, ADED.US has processed and distributed over 1,000 music releases to over 1,000 DSPs worldwide!

Here are the first 127 releases to be processed and distributed (digitally) by ADED.US Music Distribution in it's first year of business (2012).

ADED-00001 DJ Taz That's Right (Single) 724385864124
ADED-00002 2012-01-01 bobby MAX heLioS (Single) 843156070066
ADED-00003 2012-01-01 Yung Chase Too Fresh Too Cool 843156070097
ADED-00004 2012-01-01 Young Suave (Mayne) Trapped In The Booth 843156700208
ADED-00005 2012-01-01 Fly Von DMV (Dreams.Money.Victorious) 843156070059
ADED-00006 2012-01-01 The Impediments Kevin's Okay 094000704617
ADED-00007 2012-01-01 Ruudie My World 094000704600
ADED-00008 2012-01-01 Messiah Musik A Gang of Instrumentals XIV 094000704778
ADED-00009 2012-01-01 Esence Burning New 094000710748
ADED-00010 2012-01-01 Ty Harriz Pain, Love, and Celebration 094000707427
ADED-00011 2012-01-01 KYGotEm GrindTime 094000707410
ADED-00012 2012-01-01 Legion6 Coming of Age 2 094000704679
ADED-00013 2012-01-01 A Sol Mechanic Solaris Leatherset 094000704662
ADED-00014 2012-01-01 Klark Handsome Call Me Klark 094000714746
ADED-00015 2012-01-01 Big C 1MoTime 094000714739
ADED-00016 2012-01-01 Based Moses In Moses We Trust 094000704723
ADED-00017 DJ Taz It's On 094000704716
ADED-00018 2012-01-01 Erich Valentine Emotional Secrets 041667036261
ADED-00019 2012-01-01 Stan Ipcus Delegate of Hell 079400185372
ADED-00020 2012-01-01 The Impediments Don't Look Back (Acoustic) 071100006681
ADED-00021 2012-01-26 DJ Taz Everything Is Alright 078742229690
ADED-00022 Ethan Breakaway Sans Voix 882306651168
ADED-00023 2008-01-04 Amaze 80's Baby 892822000081
ADED-00024 BC I'm #1 876471007844
ADED-00025 Benji Montana Ima Bo$$ 025600001493
ADED-00026 O-Mack Increase 400931000856
ADED-00027 Cerious Note The Time Is Now 2 180009000048
ADED-00028 Jevon Apart of Nature (Single) 076183168509
ADED-00029 Young Tune Mo Action Comin 050428075715
ADED-00030 B.T.G. (Bucks Tha Gunner) x DJ Deez #GShit 892822000104
ADED-00031 Kaliph ARTism 878326002011
ADED-00032 ShaneOmac and AddinMoflava Meye Yearz' 2morrO 033916000741
ADED-00033 Da Boi Young x DJ 864 x DJ Durel U Krazy Talk My Shit 033916000734
ADED-00034 Da Hitman Slap That Mix - STL Edition 746817150025
ADED-00035 LilCorey Fun and Games 746817150056
ADED-00036 Dre Barrs City of Demons 733644002313
ADED-00037 Pentapanic Kita Bisa 733644002801
ADED-00038 Da Hitman Slap That Mix 6 733644003105
ADED-00039 2012-02-23 Soundami ILL-EMENTAL 733644001804
ADED-00040 Darkhawk Dynasty Latest-n-Greatest 1 733644216864
ADED-00041 Melodic Illusion Eternal Feelings 733644001057
ADED-00042 Deelyn The L[IF]E 733644001002
ADED-00043 Jay Oskulata Walked A Thousand Miles 075724102088
ADED-00044 2012-03-25 Pacino Dolla and DJ Bigg V Let's Talk Money 075724102095
ADED-00045 Thomas Edmunds Me Not You 733644221134
ADED-00046 2012-04-10 Nate Hardy M.U.S.I.C. (Majorly Underestimated Since It's Creation) 733644000388
ADED-00047 Tiwy Jaman 733644001712
ADED-00048 Endless Don't Let Go 032023007100
ADED-00049 G5 Keep It Wavy 032023007223
ADED-00050 2012-04-19 RyZe RyZe N Grind Vol. 1 032023007025
ADED-00051 RxC War Times! 032023007063
ADED-00052 Kathleen Johnson Unsung Heroes 032023007049
ADED-00053 AiM Cool World 032023007056
ADED-00054 GrooveForLife GrooveForLife 032023007186
ADED-00055 Hitman Beatz | B Lova 50 Grams 032023007247
ADED-00056 L3XGRAZINA EP 2012 034285500122
ADED-00057 2012-05-01 Walker Smith Welcome To The Future 034285523053
ADED-00058 Precious Ayayee African Medley 034285520120
ADED-00059 Problym Child Fonzirelli SleepWalker (Part 1): The Nimbus Dreams 034285521127
ADED-00060 Woxsound Tear of Hope 034285504083
ADED-00061 Jay Chambers Born For This 034285550646
ADED-00062 Obzen The Last Day 034285508128
ADED-00063 Naik Izarra Da Beatdown 034285530006
ADED-00064 DJ SR The Dirty House Party 034285502058
ADED-00065 Mister Rush Nobody Cares 034285502041
ADED-00066 DJ Tricks More Than Just Club Music 034285120061
ADED-00067 Brook$ Take You High 098864300206
ADED-00068 Bagetz I Wonder... 098864900666
ADED-00069 Mostly Tales of the Blindingly Obvious 678924151070
ADED-00070 Orka Dota Reworks 678924333070
ADED-00071 Dope Spliff Sling Gang 098864800362
ADED-00072 Idea Theraflu 715256900034
ADED-00073 LloydZ Clarity of Insanity 757437916014
ADED-00074 Up To The End Up To The End 048398000806
ADED-00075 Dark Dust Dark Dust 031600075006
ADED-00076 Harlem Sinatra Harlem Sinatra 381370022336
ADED-00077 AMG The Team 381370022329
ADED-00078 HAMM Gravitational Pull 381370019787
ADED-00079 China Mary's Little Lambo 381370022275
ADED-00080 Yvanoo Daance Sounds of Freedom 381371021147
ADED-00081 China My City 381371021154
ADED-00082 Classic The Legend & Pawcut The Hungry People 381370022268
ADED-00083 Miggs De Bruijn & Nickovelli CocktailTape Vol. 1 081370022190
ADED-00084 Gunna Houma's Best Kept Secret 381370022305
ADED-00085 Dark'4 x Stephanie Kay Black Candy 381370022558
ADED-00086 Cris Mario Don't Take Drugs 077312408107
ADED-00087 Woxsound Orange 077312408114
ADED-00088 X-Rated Starstrukk 077312410179
ADED-00089 Ampbition American Dream 077312408367
ADED-00090 Giorgos Koletsas Εσύ θα χάσεις (Wave) 077312408350
ADED-00091 Carlos Urdaneta Lo Hare Realidad 077312408411
ADED-00092 Dario di Napoli (Dex) Somewhere 077312408428
ADED-00093 Dreama Step1 077312410728
ADED-00094 2012-05-26 Wessel Bakker Collab/Doubles - Single 077312410735
ADED-00095 Acrid Invaders Black Series 077312410704
ADED-00096 OP1 No Surrender 077312410711
ADED-00097 DeeJay Bryan x DeeJay T3ch Love Nation 040102803451
ADED-00098 Jesse Wilson Sunrise 040102804151
ADED-00099 BTN SummerSynth 040102186400
ADED-00100 DJ Mecky Mecky's Mix 040102802850
ADED-00101 2012-06-06 J Reezy Fly Boi Music 3 040102223150
ADED-00102 DJ Ilean Señor Juez 040102019005
ADED-00103 Sonia Raciti-Oshry Sweet Decline 040102015137
ADED-00104 DiRTEX Vikings 040102015915
ADED-00105 DJODonnell House Music!! 040102134302
ADED-00106 Archangel Raphael Bossa Roccoca 040102017506
ADED-00107 FMR Instituto Ideologias 040102239656
ADED-00108 K-Blaze #TeamMakeIt 040102170102
ADED-00109 Charlie Rothwell Paradoxxx Sound 040102171352
ADED-00110 Marcel Hall BeatBox Love (Instrumental) 040102261558
ADED-00111 Ray Simpson You&Me (feat. Caron Wheeler) 074764650542
ADED-00112 LP Thera-Pubic 074764000002
ADED-00113 #KOA x Johnny Rieber Uncle Sam (UPSMe Some Weed) 074764000019
ADED-00114 BlackOwned C-Bone x DJ Aaries The Strong Pack 074764000026
ADED-00115 Kid Melo Company All Day Every Day 074764000033
ADED-00116 2012-06-25 Craz Dr. Grabow, I.M. Woodshed U. - Properganja II 074764000040
ADED-00117 2012-06-25 PhiL-I The Approach 074764000057
ADED-00118 Conor McCormick 21st Century 074764000064
ADED-00119 DJ Faraj Sounds, Past Due 074764000071
ADED-00120 Hey Lauren Song About You 074764000088
ADED-00121 2012-06-24 Lunth Prawns (Original Mix) 074764000095
ADED-00122 2012-06-28 Wessel Bakker Identify / Analogue 074764000101
ADED-00123 Jake Case Just The Beginning 074764000118
ADED-00124 Bambi & Dethany Day and Night 074764000132
ADED-00125 Arkansas State University Official Fight Song & Howl 074764000149
ADED-00126 Tommy Anybody Out There 074764000156
ADED-00127 Gentleman Loser & the Cognitive Dissidents GhostIdiom 074764000163

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