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Monday, April 4, 2022

Marvel Team-Up v1 (1972-1995)


What is Marvel Team-Up?

Marvel Team-Up is a comic book series that started in 1972 and ended in 1995. Marvel Team-Up spanned across 150 regular issues and 7 annuals (year end) issues. This series focused (mainly) on Spider-Man teaming up with various other superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Other notable main characters would include The Human Torch and The Incredible Hulk.

This is a HTML table (or spreadsheet) outlining which 2 (or more) superheroes are featured in each issue of Marvel Team-Up

Marvel Team-Up on ComicVine

Issue #cover datefeaturingvs. / ENEMY
11972-03Spider-Man and the Human TorchSandMan
21972-05Spider-Man and the Human Torch 
31972-07Spider-Man and the Human TorchMorbius
41972-09Spider-Man and the X-Men 
51972-11Spider-Man and the VisionMonstroid
61973-01Spider-Man and the Thing 
71973-03Spider-Man and ThorKryllk
81973-04Spider-Man and the Cat 
91973-05Spider-Man and Iron Man 
101973-06Spider-Man and the Human TorchKang the Conqueror
111973-07Spider-Man and the Inhumans 
121973-08Spider-Man and the Werewolf 
131973-09Spider-Man and Captain AmericaGrey Gargoyle
141973-10Spider-Man and Sub-Mariner 
151973-11Spider-Man and Ghost Rider 
161973-12Spider-Man and Captain Marvel (man)Basilisk
171974-01Spider-Man and Mr. FantasticMole Man
181974-02The Human Torch and the Hulk 
191974-03Spider-Man and Ka-Zar 
201974-04Spider-Man and the Black Panther 
211974-05Spider-Man and Dr. StrangeXandu
221974-06Spider-Man and Hawkeye 
231974-07The Human Torch and Ice Man 
241974-08Spider-Man and Brother Voodoo 
251974-09Spider-Man and Daredevil 
261974-10The Human Torch and Thor 
271974-11Spider-Man and Hulk 
281974-12Spider-Man and Hercules 
291975-01The Human Torch and Iron Man 
301975-02Spider-Man and the Falcon 
311975-03Spider-Man and Iron Fist 
321975-04The Human Torch and the Son of Satan 
331975-05Spider-Man and NighthawkMeteor Man
341975-06Spider-Man and ValkyrieMeteor Man
351975-07The Human Torch and Dr. Strange (plus Valkyrie) 
361975-08Spider-Man and the Frankenstein Monster 
371975-09Spider-Man and Man-Wolf 
381975-10Spider-Man and the BeastGriffin
391975-11Spider-Man and the Human Torch 
401975-12Spider-Man and the Sons of the Tiger (+ Human Torch) 
411976-01Spider-Man and the Scarlet Witch 
421976-02Spider-Man and the Vision 
431976-03Spider-Man and Dr. Doom 
441976-04Spider-Man and Moondragon 
451976-05Spider-Man and Killraven 
461976-06Spider-Man and Deathlok 
471976-07Spider-Man and the ThingBasilisk
481976-08Spider-Man and Iron Man 
491976-09Spider-Man and Iron Man 
501976-10Spider-Man and Dr. Strange 
511976-11Spider-Man and Iron Man 
521976-12Spider-Man and Captain America 
531977-01Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk 
541977-02Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk 
551977-03Spider-Man and Warlock 
561977-04Spider-Man and Daredevil 
571977-05Spider-Man and the Black Widow 
581977-06Spider-Man and Ghost Rider 
591977-07Spider-Man plus Yellow Jakcet and the Wasp 
601977-08Spider-Man and the Wasp 
611977-09Spider-Man and the Human Torch 
621977-10Spider-Man and Ms. MarvelSuper Skrull
631977-11Spider-Man and Iron FistSteel Serpent
641977-12Spider-Man and the Daughters of the DragonSteel Serpent
651988-01Spider-Man and Captain Britain 
661988-02Spider-Man and Captain Britain 
671988-03Spider-Man and TigraKraven
681988-04Spider-Man and the Man-Thing 
691988-05Spider-Man and HavokPharaoh
701988-06Spider-Man and ThorThe Living Monolith
711988-07Spider-Man and Falcon (Captain America, too) 
721988-08Spider-Man and Iron ManThe Whip
731988-09Spider-Man and DaredevilThe Owl
741988-10Spider-Man and thr SNL cast 
751988-11Spider-Man and Power Man (Luke Cage) 
761988-12Spider-Man and Dr. Strange 
771989-01Spider-Man and Ms. MarvelSilver Dagger
781989-02Spider-Man and Wonder ManThe Griffin
791989-03Spider-Man and Red Sonja 
801989-04Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and Clea 
811989-05Spider-Man and Satana 
821989-06Spider-Man and the Black Widow 
831989-07Spider-Man and Nick FurySilver Samurai
841989-08Spider-Man and Shang ChiSilver Samurai
851989-09Spider-Man, Shang Chi, The Black Widow, and Nick Fury 
861989-10Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy 
871989-11Spider-Man and the Black Panther 
881989-12Spider-Man and Invisible Girl 
891990-01Spider-Man and Nightcrawler 
901990-02Spider-Man and the Beast 
911990-03Spider-Man and Ghost Rider 
921990-04Spider-Man and HawkeyeMister Fear
931990-05Spider-Man and WerewolfTatterdemalion
941990-06Spider-Man and the Shroud 
951990-07Spider-Man and Mockingbird 
961990-08Spider-Man and Howard the Duck 
971990-09Hulk and Spider-Woman 
981990-10Spider-Man and the Black Widow 
991990-11Spider-Man and Machine ManSandman
1001990-12Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four 
1011991-01Spider-Man and Nighthawk 
1021991-02Spider-Man and Doc Samson 
1031991-03Spider-Man and Ant-ManTaskmaster
1041991-04Hulk and Ka-ZarModok
1051991-05Hulk and Power Man and Iron Fist 
1061991-06Spider-Man and Captain AmericaScorpion
1071991-07Spider-Man and She-Hulk 
1081991-08Spider-Man and Paladin 
1091991-09Spider-Man and Dazzler 
1101991-10Spider-Man and Iron ManMagma
1111991-11Spider-Man and Devil-Slayer (plus the Defenders)Spider God
1121991-12Spider-Man and King Kull 
1131992-01Spider-Man and Quasar 
1141992-02Spider-Man and the Falcon 
1151992-03Spider-Man and ThorMindbender
1161992-04Spider-Man and Valkyrie (plus Thor) 
1171992-05Spider-Man and Wolverine 
1181992-06Spider-Man and Professor X 
1191992-07Spider-Man and Gargoyle 
1201992-08Spider-Man and Dominic Fortune 
1211992-09Spider-Man and the Human TorchSpeed Demon
1221992-10Spider-Man and the Man-Thing 
1231992-11Spider-Man and DaredevilSolarr
1241992-12Spider-Man and the BeastProfessor Power
1251993-01Spider-Man and Tigra (plus Dr. Strange and the Scarlet Witch) 
1261993-02Spider-Man and Hulk / Power Man and the Son of Satan 
1271993-03Spider-Man and the Watcher 
1281993-04Spider-Man and Captain America 
1291993-05Spider-Man and the Vision 
1301993-06Spider-Man and the Scarlet Witch (plus the Vision) 
1311993-07Spider-Man and Frog-ManThe White Rabbit
1321993-08Spider-Man and Mr. Fantastic 
1331993-09Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four 
1341993-10Spider-Man and the Jack of Hearts 
1351993-11Spider-Man and Kitty PrydeMorlocks
1361993-12Spider-Man and Wonder ManMauler
1371994-01Spider-Man and Franklin RichardsGalactus
1381994-02Spider-Man and the Sandman 
1391994-03Spider-Man and Nick Fury 
1401994-04Spider-Man and the Black Widow 
1411994-05Spider-Man and Daredevil + the Black Widow 
1421994-06Spider-Man and Captain Marvel (black woman) 
1431994-07Spider-Man and Starfox 
1441994-08Spider-Man and Moon Knight 
1451994-09Spider-Man and Iron ManBlacklash
1461994-10Spider-Man and Nomad 
1471994-11Spider-Man and the Human TorchBlack Abbott
1481994-12Spider-Man and Thor 
1491995-01Spider-Man and Cannonball 
1501995-02Spider-Man and the X-Men 
Annual 11976Spider-Man and the X-Men 
Annual 21977Spider-Man and the Hulk 
Annual 31978Spider-Man, the Hulk, Power Man, and Iron Fist 
Annual 41979Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Power Man, Iron Fist 
Annual 51980Spider-Man, The Thing, Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange, and Quasar 
Annual 61981Spider-Man, Cloak and Dagger, The New Mutants 
Annual 71982Spider-Man and Alpha Flight

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