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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

10 Life Hacks

  1. Use a razor blade to scrape anything off glass -- instead of chemical removers like Goo-Be-Gone (I use it to take labels off glass candle jars and I reuse the candle jars for storage) -- on another occasion my wife was having a problem keeping her windows up. So, she used duck tape on her car windows in an attempt to make them stay up -- i used a razor blade to scrape off the duck tape residue
  2. You know that little amount of wax left over at the bottom of a candle jar... well, add water ALMOST to the top of the jar and boil it... the wax will liquify into oil and float to the top, once it's at the top just turn off the heat and the oil will solidify into wax again... only this time the wax is at the top and the water is under it -- then you can just pull the wax hockey puck out, pour out the water, clean the glass jar with dishwashing soap and voila -- you have a perfectly clean and empty glass jar with a lid that you can use for storage
3. If you're a smoker -- or if you have any reason that makes you cough -- use pineapple juice and it will suppress the coughs much better than cough drops or cough medicine -- pineapple juice has a special enzyme in it that is a cough suppressant
4. If you have a headache -- drink a really big glass of water (like 3-4 cups worth) -- 9 times out of 10 most people have headaches because they are dehydrated and they don't know it -- this will save you money on tylenol, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. and it's a lot healthier than having to pop a pill
5. Use electrical tape to label your cords so you don't have to guess which cord goes with which item
6. Wrap cords around your hand in a circle, pinch the circle in the middle then wrap a rubber band around it to keep the cords organized
7. Drinking a glass of water right before bed will prevent you having a stroke or a heart attack in your sleep -- if you drink a glass of water when you wake up it helps you wake up by making your organs work
8. Use a plain tin metal lunch box to carry your things around -- it looks more masculine than a purse

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