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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Music Video Directors in Las Vegas

las vegas sign

Here is a list of music video directors that live in Las Vegas.

Note: This list will be updated as more info becomes available.

Amine Tanzi
Amine Tanzi YouTube
Amine Tanzi FaceBook
Amine Tanzi InstaGram / Amine Tanzi IG

Paris Paige / LMS
Paris Paige on Twitter
Paris Paige on YouTube
Paris Paige on LinkedIn
Paris Paige on Vine

Tay Price / Tay Price Films
Tay Price on Twitter
Tay Price on YouTube 1
Tay Price on YouTube 2
Tay Price on YouTube 3
Tay Price on InstaGram
Tay Price on FaceBook 1
Tay Price on FaceBook 2
Tay Price on Vimeo
Tay Price on Google+

BamLV on Twitter
BamLV on Instagram 1

Trent Babbington

Jonathan Andrade / BLKDMNDS

Websites that support the Las Vegas Hip-Hop scene

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