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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Venting on Evolution

OK, time to vent...

I was on FaceBook today and I saw the profile of a friend I haven't seen since 2004. As I'm looking at his profile, I'm reading his typing (or lack thereof) and seeing his pictures and I feel like something very strange has happened over time. I've witnessed evolution widen the gap between us...

Back in 2004 I was wide eyed with dreams and goals I wanted to accomplish and I had a "nothing will stop me" attitude. The world, to me at least, was something to be conquered and explored to the fullest. I've always had a very existencial view of the world. I've obviously evolved in many ways:
  • How I perceive right and wrong
  • How I interact with people and analyze my relationships with them
  • My computer knowledge
  • My understanding of "worldly ways" and business sense
  • My views of how the class system operates
  • How money, education, and the class system tie into religion, etc.
Yet, with all this being said, my old friend hasn't seemed to have evolved in any way. I've developed a stronger distaste for people who I felt were essentially refusing to evolve. At the same time, my guilt kicks in and has me pondering if I should feel angry or sad at the fact that this has happened. It's an awkward and numbing feeling to come to the realization that I've educated myself (mentally and spiritually) to a place that's light years away from anything they've ever had the capacity to perceive.

The saddest part, which send me tumbling further up the rabbit hole, is the fact that there are many people from my past that are like this. I feel like I can't hang out with someone who isn't "on my level" to some degree. As I type this, I am thinking about the little things I do on a daily basis:
  • Typing up and maintaining a blog
  • Monitoring the web for certain business trends
  • Communicating back and forth with people in the digital music world
  • Watching documentaries to expand my knowledge
  • Researching foreign lands should I want to travel there
These are all things my old friends never did and will probably never do. Aside from that, they also have poor communication skills and a lot of their relationships are based on their swaying opinions of a person at any given moment. Good friends are hard to find...

Update: After I typed this I thought of something. I'm the type of guy that watches shows like House M.D. and Frasier. They are the type of guys that watched BET Rap City and DragonBall Z. You get what I'm saying, right?

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