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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5 Myths WHITE people tell their kids about dating BLACK people

Being that I am (for the most part) a white guy, coupled with the fact that I grew up surrounded by rednecks, there were some very strange and ridiculous things I was told about dating black women. The sad part is a lot of white people tell their kids these myths about black people when they're growing up. So I've compiled a list of the "Top 5 Myths" white people tell their children to discourage them from wanting to date black people.

1. All Black People are violent.
It never fails. And watching the 5'O clock news doesn't help either. The dumb ass white people that actually believe everything the mainstream media tells them, who aren't smart enough to see the social engineering the media plays a part in every day, will use it as an example. 

I mean, just the other day I was thinking to myself "Damn, Keisha sure does look good in those coochie cutters! Then I flipped the channel and the LAPD were in hot pursuit of OJ Simpson in a white Ford Bronco!". I guess mommy and daddy were right...

White parents feel that if they can instill a natural fear towards black people into their children at an early age it will discourage their children from wanting to associate with black people completely. I mean, who wants to press assault charges on their lover, right? And that actually brings us to myth #2

2. All Black People beat their kids.
Because we all know white people never beat their kids, right? I can actually tell you who told me this and where I was the first time I heard this psycho shit. Unfortunately, it was my own mother who said it and it was while we were leaving K-Mart (go figure). She used my friend/neighbor as an example. My friend/neighbor was basically getting his ass whooped by his mom who clearly had some issues herself. But, according to these rednecks, all black people are the same. So...

3. If you have kids with a Black Person, your kids will be ugly.
Not only is this completely ridiculous, it's been disproved a gazillion times. As it turns out, some of the considerably most beautiful people in the world happen to be bi-racial or of mixed heritage. But hey, what better way to discourage someone from having kids with another person than to say their kids will be ugly? Hey asshole, I didn't know you were a psychic and a DNA expert!

4. If you're (in a relationship) with a Black Person, people will look at you funny, judge you, or even want to hurt/kill you.
Nobody wants to get their ass beat. And GOD knows people looking at me with a cold stare or a mean mug is unbearable. Oh, wait... people do that anyway, so what fucking difference does it make? As it turns out, the only people that would give such a look or pose such a threat of violence are the dumb rednecks and bigots who came up with these myths in the first place. And speaking of GOD...

5. The Bible says it's wrong.
It's a sin. You'll go to hell. As soon as your genitals touch the genitals of a black person, it will shrivel up and Satan will appear before you. OK, that last line was my imagination running wild again, but you get my point. When all else fails, twist the words of the Bible around until it somewhat fits your looney perspective. Hey, it's in the bible so it's gotta be true!...

To all the people out there who are reading this. If you are in an interracial relationship or thinking about jumping into an interracial relationship. Go for it! Actions speak louder than words. Besides, bigotry isn't the future. You are the future. So, lead by example.

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