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Monday, June 4, 2012

K. Stylon (@K_Stylon) - She Be Like (music video)

From the Upcoming mixtape "Love and Other Drugs"

Instagram: kstylon
K Stylon -
@K_Stylon on twitter

Starring Berry Boo -
Directed by Mika Kenyah -
Filmed and Edited by Bandit23 -
Produced by Jae Orch

K. Stylon (Knova Stylon) is a genre infused artist who is very passionate about his craft. He is differentiated from his peers and fellow artists through his commitment and love for music. Knova provides a unique sound, unlike no other. Knova’s vision is to provide lyrical stories through his music. He is focusing on continually raising the bar of musical genius and achieving high standards in his music. He is an individual, who is very confident in his musical abilities and committed to continually giving great music. Knova is currently developing a sound that will not only tease your senses, but inspire.
Coming from Queens, New York, Knova grew up in an environment that was well diversed, which allowed him to be exposed to different cultures and genres of music. At the tender age of 17, he started his first studio recording and unlike any novice artist, Knova felt comfortable behind the mic. This young man had many mixed emotions, which he in turn channeled into his music.  His first recording was called “Fantasy” , which was about a past relationship he once had.
As the years progressed, Knova had began perfecting his craft and at the age of 20 released the self proclaimed classic mixtape “White Wine”. This project included such featured tracks, “I Need Love” and the fans favorite “Things You Do” ft Shaliek Rivers. Knova had found his voice, through both the pain and joy of his life experiences.
In the interim of growing up, Knova was blessed with a college career, in which he majored in business while attending on a basketball scholarship.  Well, one can say his college experience was straight out of a Michael Criton book; suspense, drama, intrigue, etc. All the aspects of life that could possible break someone, Knova used those experiences to his benefit and turned it into relatable stories. He used his life lessons to be the blueprint of his artistry.
While currently recording his second musical project “Love & Other Drugs”, Knova has immersed himself in all his talents. At the age of 21, Knova started his own company Eminence Inc., a lifestyle company which focuses on music, fashion, and talent development. He is not just a rapper but a business savvy entrepreneur. Many have realized the extra that Knova brings to the equation. Prepare yourself for this musical roller-coaster that will capture your ears and keep you wanting more.
Knova Stylon a new voice for the new era of music…..

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