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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tunecore vs. ADED.US: Which is better?

We've decided to further explain the ins-n-outs of digital distribution by showing comparisons of the top companies in the field. Today we will examine the pricing and payment structures of the Tunecore and ADED.US Music Distribution. This page will serve as a Tunecore review, ADED.US Music Distribution review, and a comparison chart.

Cost for a single: 
Tunecore $9.99/year
ADED.US Music Distribution $3-$5 one time fee

Cost for an album: 
Tunecore $60/year
ADED.US Music Distribution $3-$10 one time fee

Time it takes to see your album on iTunes:
Tunecore 2 weeks or more

Time it takes to receive royalties back:
Tunecore 2-4 months
ADED.US Music Distribution within 30-45 days after the month in which product sold

Time it takes to get a response from company:
Tunecore up to a month or even NEVER (according to a lot of angry customers)
ADED.US Music Distribution less than 24 hours, reports have shown sometimes even within 4 hours

Final Verdict: Numerous complaints from unhappy customers along with long wait times all around and high pricing make Tunecore undesireable in these times and they simply can not hold a candle to ADED.US Music Distribution

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