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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is your music on "The Big 4"?

Many independent artists and musicians would love to have the type of exposure major label artists get. But, alas, they do not have the funding these labels have to do so. So, the least they could do is have their product available in the same stores/markets as the majors right?

This is where services like ADEDistribution come into play. ADEDistribution is a digital distribution company that specializes in helping independent artists sell their music on "The Big 4" digital retail stores (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and The Android Market).

Yes, there are several larger distribution services like Tunecore, CDBaby, and Songcast. But, ADEDistribution focuses on dealing with their clients directly and educating them on how the whole digital distribution process works whereas the previously mentioned services do not or will not.

"I used to be one of those people who bounced around from distributor to distibutor, testing to see which one of them was the best. All I ever got in return was the feeling I was dealing with a cold company that could care less about my product. I never felt informed. I felt like I just signed up for something and was told to wait in line. But, with ADEDistribution, any time I needed a question answered I could just message the reps or check the site for a quick response with updated info." - Chris Powell
According to the most recent IFPI report, the digital music industry made well over $5 billion in revenue, mainly from "The Big 4". If anything, hopefully this article will educate artists on the importance of having your music available in these stores. Visibility is key in the music industry and customers either see you or they don't.

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