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Monday, January 23, 2012

Halfway Friends

Grab the popcorn cause it's about to be another Makell Bird venting session up in here...

I feel the need to speak on a specific person but even as I type this I realize that he wasn't the only person to do this to me in my life. In my life I've come across many people I would come to know as "halfway friends". No, I'm not talking about people I only know via the net. I'm talking about real people I've met and been around in my life.

There is a stark difference in what I would consider a "best friend" and a "halfway friend". A best friend is someone whose always there for you. Someone who you share life experiences with and vice versa. Someone who you include in your life's plans (no matter how big or small) and vice versa. Someone who you think about and communicate with on a regular basis.

Unfortunately I don't have too many people I would consider "best friends" anymore. They are few and far between. I do however have many "halfway friends". These are people who say they respect you or at least give you the general feeling that they are cool with you and possibly even care about you. But, if you pay real close attention, you'll notice that they seem to be hiding certain details about themselves and their life. I always wondered why someone would do that. Maybe they are afraid of what I may learn about them. Maybe they are afraid I might judge them. Maybe they are afraid I might corrupt them, the people around them, or their world somehow. Maybe they are afraid I might interfere with their "master plan". All this is crazy of course but I digress...

In the past, "halfway friends" have done several things to make me question their loyalty. I will state several examples here but keep in mind, none of them are about a single person, but about many different "halfway friends".
  • I had a friend once who wouldn't let me stay in his house or even come to his house if his parents were around. I've never personally heard his parents say anything negative about me. As a matter of fact they always seemed happy to see me and they had a big welcoming smile on their face. Strange indeed.
  • I had a friend who would rarely invite me out to kick it with him and his other friends. When he did he would always call me really late. So late in fact that there was no way I could do it and I felt he knew that.
  • I had a friend who moved out of state and didn't even bother to tell me beforehand.
  • On a couple of occasions I've had friends from my homestate of Georgia come out to Vegas where I live now. I hadn't seen them in years. Yet, when they got here, they didn't make any strong attempts to meet up with me.
  • I had a friend who went through a drug/mental problem. All of my other friends in that circle knew about it as it was happening. No one said a word about it to me until years later.
  • I was with a group of guys I "thought" was cool. They formed a smoking circle before and after I met them and not once did any of them invite me to join them. Like I was a damn cop or something!
  • There was a friend I called almost every other day. I had a theory that our communications were completely one sided. Meaning that the only way we would ever have a phone conversation was if I called him. As a test, one day I decided to stop calling him and wait for him to call me instead. He hasn't called me for over 3 years...
Do you have any halfway friends? Share your story.

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