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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

T.I. and crew clown on Lil Duval and Young Jack Thriller (fka Honey Bunz)

Sometimes people weren't as cool (back in the day) as they appear to be now. In this video, you will see T.I. and crew clowning on Lil Duval (a Hip-Hop comedian) for hanging out with a man whose name is "Honey Bunz". Honey Bunz actually turns out to be the comedian we know today as Young Jack Thriller, who now works as a comedy host for 50 Cent's websites All jokes aside, when T.I. starts talking about Young Jack Thriller's cock eye, referring to it as a "cock in his eye" and repeatedly says "that's homo", you can see Young Jack Thriller (Honey Bunz) getting angry.

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