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Saturday, December 24, 2011

@RugarRico calls out @FloydMayweather and @DJ_Franzen for NOT working with Las Vegas artists!

For those not "in the know", radio stations in Las Vegas only play Top 40 music. This means that they do not play local music regardless of how good it is or how big the artists fan base is. The only way any artist that LIVES in Las Vegas can get their music played on their own local radio station is to "make it big" outside of Las Vegas (i.e. have a hit single already in the Top 40). In this freestyle, Rugar Rico sounds off on several people who he claims has the power to promote Vegas based artists yet have failed to do so including Floyd Mayweather Jr. and DJ Franzen.

Whatever happened to the #1 DJ and all them Bay Area artists that's on replay? Now you net radio Fran? Fuck is that!? Nobody signed. Recognize where the fuck you at! Under your fuckin' mat. Right at your front door. The one region that's full of artists that want more.
Speaking of fights, Floyd is the hottest here. Perceive him runnin' a label for 10 modest years. His honest peers say that he was on tour with 50, who he told me he could get me on a song with. Now I don't know if I was high that day or if I poured gasoline in my eye that day. But you don't forget something on your mind that stay. I just never thought a millionaire would lie that way.

Note: DJ Franzen is a radio DJ originally from the Bay Area (San Francisco, CA) whom worked for Hot 97.5 in Las Vegas yet rarely supported Las Vegas rappers. He opted to play Bay Area music instead. He has since been released from his position at that station and is currently running a net radio show via ustream.

Although Floyd Mayweather Jr. lives/fights in Vegas, his label (Philthy Rich) mainly supports artists from Michigan (his home state) and rappers like 50 Cent.

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