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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Beef with The M Resort (@MResort)

The M Resort has a chick monitoring their twitter account (Rina Foster). She calls herself Director of Public Relations or something like that. I tried to do business with the M Resort. Through twitter and e-mail exchanges, I told her they could sponsor my show and I would advertise all day every day for them for an entire year for only $30k and they (and by they I mean SHE) declined. She sorta comes off as a c0ck blocker for them. Keep in mind that this is a resort that makes millions and $30k is probably less than what their employees make a year. I even tried to score an interview with one of the founders of  The M Resort, Anthony Marnell III, a man I generally respect, and once again I am c0ck blocked by Rina Foster.

Also, the Hash House A Go Go has some BAD employees. I went there on father's day with my wife and 2 kids. They had more than 10 tables available and wouldn't seat us. They claimed they had reservations and couldn't seat those CURRENTLY there. I found out the reservations were at least an hour away and it wasn't 10 reservations. Finally I had to speak to a manager to get this dumb blonde chick manning the register to understand how stupid she was by making us wait for no reason when they're were PLENTY of tables available.

Plus, the WAIT at Studio B Buffet is UNNECESSARY. This is another place that has plenty of tables but wants to have the ILLUSION that they're too busy. The sad part is once you make it past the line and to the register (which could take an hour itself) you have to wait AGAIN to be seated and that could take another 15-20 mins. I don't know about you but Im not too keen on waiting over an hour for a buffet that costs over $30. Plus, I noticed they usually only offer discounts and coupons to senior citizens. In the beginning, they offered a discount to anyone who had a player's card. I had no intention on gambling there but I got the card for the discount. About a year later they STOPPED giving discounts to card carriers. So I was like, what's the point in having the card???

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