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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life in Vegas: The Last Week

I cook this quite often. Sausage Patties and Macoroni and Cheese. Delicioso!

Ohana Hawaiian BBQ in Las Vegas / Green Valley area

China Tango Bistro in Las Vegas / Green Valley area

The menu on the top of the wall in Ohana Hawaiian BBQ in Las Vegas

Our old ass gas washer and dryer. The washer broke. The pressure switch and motor were burnt out.

So, we had to go to a Laundromat in Vegas. See the huge washer and dryers capable of washing 75 lbs of clothes

A closer look

Some crazy young white chick was cussing out her mom and boyfriend. Prolly a tweaker or pill popper.

I earned 2 stamps on Wii bowling because I got 4 strikes in a row and got over 200 points. Highest ever for me.

Some weird concoction I made when I couldn't sleep. ramen noodles, shrimp, and watercrests fried up.

Cholula Hot Sauce is the best!

Nasty concoction I made out of really old pork chop chunks, onions, and mexi cheese

Good Riddance! I finally payed my car off after 7 long years!

I almost had to REPO my netbook from my dad. He is a weasel who always tells companies and people he's going to pay for something and then he doesn't. I left him a note for him trying to get over on me (his own first born son)

Here's a closer look at the note. I had to damn near beat $50 out of him. He was 5 months behind in paying me and lied straight to my face to avoid having to pay me. I caught him in a lie. He didn't see this note because he showed up at the very last minute.

On my bday at Famous Dave's BBQ in Vegas. Here's their funky clock.

Me at the table at Famous Dave's. Bad Lighting for pics.

The bucket at the Chicken Shack in Las Vegas.

YES! They have sweet tea at the Chicken Shack in Vegas. I got 3 big cups refilled!

Chicken shack in Vegas has the BIGGEST wings in Vegas and tons of flavors. They don't use party wings, the small wings found in MOST Wing places

Here's another look at how big the wings are! I couldn't finish them. We got the all-you-can-eat special for $13 each and they started us off with 14 HUGE wings. The wings are nearly triple the size of other place's wings!

A funky lil cookie jar I saw in Savers

Lunch today. I made this. On the left is my wife's classic double cheeseburger with american cheese, ketchup, and mustard. On the right is mine with swiss cheese, spinach leaves (replacing lettuce ALWAYS), dill pickles, and thousand island dressing. I call it a Big Mak ;)

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