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Saturday, July 23, 2011

5 Things That Need To STOP by 2012

  1. Posting trailers, previews, or sneak peeks of music videos. No one wants to see that shit. It seems completely pointless. Your music video is probably gonna be less than 5 mins and you're making a 30 sec - 1 min. trailer for something that's only 5 mins long??? You'd be better off spending the time you took to create, upload, and post the trailer on actually finishing and releasing the full video!
  2. Taking sexually suggestive pics with your kids in the room or, even worse, in the damn photo with you! Then posting them for the whole world to see. Any real responsible adult that knows you should be reporting you to child services. It's a parenting #fail either way you look at it
  3. All this facebook spam with fake nike shoes and pumps and these fake sex ads. Spam doesn't spread itself. It takes dumb ass or horny ass people to spread it. You horn dogs see some random cum dumpster with a double D rack and you figure you should add her as a friend. As soon as you do, here comes the endless picture tagging of fake Nike shoes with YOUR name in it! The really sad part is that, before you clicked the add button, you and this whore had 50 mutual friends and guess what, they're all the stupid horny guy friends of yours who fell for the same bullshit you did. SMH
  4. Music without proper tagging. It's incredibly frustrating that we take our time to download your shitty mixtape. Then, we have to google every song on it to find out what guest artists are actually featured on your songs. Your track lists are fukt up. Sometimes you don't even number the tracks. Your mixtape cover(s) aren't attached via tag or supplied at all or they are in weird proportions. Everything in our music library looks well organized. Then we have to take 30 mins out of our day to research and fix this eyesore you just released. Why should we show respect for your music when you don't respect it enough to tag it properly?
  5. Planking. Yes, it's roots are in the way they transported slaves on slave ships to save space. It's down right racist and it doesn't help that white people and uninformed rappers were the ones making it popular. Not to mention it's a corny concept all together. Besides, there's better things to do like #Owling or #Craning

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