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Monday, July 18, 2011

20 things that will make you feel old (Hood Edition)

01. 2Pac supposedly died about 15 years ago (7/13/1996). He would've been over 40 years old today.

02. The last official Freaknik in Atlanta was 15 years ago (1996).

03. The last episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aired 15 years ago (5/20/1996).

04. Run-D.M.C. teamed up with Aerosmith for "Walk This Way" 25 years ago (1986).

05. The last episode of Living Single aired over 13 years ago (1/8/1998).

06. Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins (of TLC) is over 41 years old.

07. N.W.A. said "Fuck Tha Police" 23 years ago.

08. Dr. Dre released "The Chronic" over 18 years ago on 12/15/1992.

09. The "Crack Epidemic" began at least 27 years ago.

10. OJ Simpson was in that infamous police chase in a White Ford Bronco SUV over 17 years ago on 06/17/1994. 

11. Kid n Play's first "House Party" was over 21 years ago on 3/9/1990.

12. Christopher "Kid" Reid is over 47 years old.

13. Christopher "Play" Martin is over 49 years old.

14. Salt-N-Pepa's first hit "The Showstopper" was over 26 years ago.

15. Cheryl "Salt" James/Wray is over 45 years old. 

16. Sandra "Pepa" Denton is over 41 years old. 

17. Clive "DJ Kool Herc" Campbell. the creator of Hip-Hop/Rap, is 56 years old. 

18. Hip-Hop/Rap is over 39 years old (1972). 

19. The rap term "bling" or "bling bling" is at least 35 years old and became highly popularized by Lil Wayne over 12 years ago in 1999. 

20. Kris Kross told us to "Jump" over 19 years ago. 

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