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Thursday, June 23, 2011

White rapper murdered in Vegas while promoting a show!

So, people in Vegas already know most of this story. Their is a guy named Michael Portaro whose stage name was Mikey P. He was the DJ and hype man for another white rapper named Ekoh. He was in the parking lot of the Tenaya Creek Brewery at 3101 N. Tenaya Way in Las Vegas, NV promoting his upcoming show at Daddy Mac's in Henderson, NV. His suspected murderer is Brandon Hill. The funny part is police told the news stations that they didn't want them putting up Brandon Hill's pics stating that it may interfere with other cases. I don't see how showing someone's picture would interfere. Plus, in the age of twitter, facebook, and myspace, couldn't ANYONE just google the guy and find his pics???

Anyway, I feel the best way to know a man is through his art. So, here's a video of Mikey P.. As you can see he was a decent beat boxer.

Here's the story on LVRJ

Here's the story on KTNV (Channel 13 News)

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