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Friday, June 17, 2011

How to download masked rapidshare links

As a hacker I constantly look for ways around things. Usually this is done out of frustration because sometimes when I attempt to download something, the person who posted the file doesn't know what the fawk they're doing in order to share that file properly. So, today I am going to show you how to download a file from rapidshare even though the file name is masked or hidden in some long, garbled up file name.

Note: Do not download the following file. I am only using it for demo purposes.

Let's take a look at a link and file name of a file I just tried to download. The person who uploaded it was trying to make money off of it by masking the original URL with some bullsh!t linkbee and linkbucks crap. Here is the link that resulted from this!download|262tg|353457245|Lil_Bout_It_-_To_Live___Die_For_It.rar|98373|R~F5C00038F8AC1206E092D8B564C844F0

Now, all you have to do is extract 2 parts from this nasty link to get to the original link! The 2 parts you are extracting are the file number and the file name (as highlighted in red above). Then you add them to a general rapidshare link which should look like the one below. Note that their is also a difference in the file security, whereas the link above starts with https and the link below starts with just http. The extra "s" stands for secure. So, that nasty link above should now look like this.

You can apply this method to just about any masked, hidden, or garbled up rapidshare file! Cheers and say thanx below or by following this blog.

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