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Monday, June 6, 2011

A game so hard they are rereleasing an easier version!

So, apparently their is a videogame that is about to make it's way over here to the states. The problem is that it has already been released in Japan and Japanese customers are complaining that, even in easy mode, the game is just too damn hard to play. As shown in the video below, it seems the anime/puzzle/platform game consists mainly of you trying to climb your way up level after level of blocks which you have to move into the right position to do, all while something is trying to kill you.

Here is some more info from this site

Catherine Is So Hard, Let’s Make Her Easy

Action adventure game Catherine is difficult. And people in Japan are complaining.

Keep in mind, that the game's developer apparently said Catherine was not a walk in the park. The game's Amazon Japan reviews indicate it's much more and are littered with players saying that the game's Easy Mode seems like your standard game's Hard Mode. Players are calling the title sadistically challenging.

Atlus is listening to the complaints of players who want to finish the game's story, but are getting their asses kicked by the title, and are preparing a patch that will enable more players to enjoy the game. It will be released at a later date.

"Perhaps all staff members grew too accustomed to the game...," writes Catherine director Katsura Hashino, indicating that they might not have realized just how hard the title is. Or perhaps gamers have gotten too soft?

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