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Monday, May 23, 2011

LeechPack v v LeechDaddy

Nothing frustrates me more than paying for something that doesn't work the way it is supposed to. I recently purchased a 1 year plan for LeechPack for about $100 and here are the problems I've been having ever since I started using it.

1. Files don't download at all sometimes, and for no reason whatsoever. (example)

I have also used and it doesn't have nearly the amount of probs that leechpack does, but it did have some problems namely in the area of zip/rar files. I would set it up to download multipart zip/rar files and on the first part (looks like part01.rar) and it would ask for a password although no password was ever assigned to the file to begin with nor was it needed.

I am currently using and have not had any problems! I did run into a snag when I exceeded the daily rapidshare premium limit, but that isn't their fault it's rapidshare's. LeechDaddy is by far the cheapest of choices as there plan is as low as $2.50/month unlimited!

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