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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vegas Beef: @DizzyDFlashy vs @R3DTeeVee

I haven't had the oppurtunity to meet either of these young cats myself, which is usually weird seeing as how I literally know almost every rapper in Vegas. All I know is this, at some point, Dizzy D Flashy and R3D were cool with each other and now they are not. I can only ascertain that, based on what's already been said, they simply have different views in terms of where each other's careers are headed. This comes amidst a recent diss track released by Dizzy D Flashy via YouTube (see below)

... and here is another video of them kicking it together during friendlier times (at the 4:40 mark) c/o R3DTeeVee

Update: Yesterday (4/20/11) R3DTeeVee sent me a video showing their response (via D.Lo) to Dizzy D Flashy. Amongst the funnier lines made by D.Lo are "You got apple juice and stress nigga. Your life is all fucked up", while his homeboy in the back says "We drinkin' cranberry and vodka!"

Story developing...

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