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Saturday, March 26, 2011

People who will follow you back on iTunes Ping

Being that itunes ping service is so new, and that it requires people to actually be using the itunes software/app in some form or fashion, I thought it would be cool to collect a list of people who will follow you back if you have a ping profile. If you want to be added to the list then simply follow everyone already on the list and add a comment below to get your name on the list!

Note: I will not add you to this list unless you are following at least 20 people on this list! And, yes, I will be checking! ;)

  1. Makell Bird
  2. Aaron Jones
  3. DJ Taz / King Taz
  4. Mayor DMV
  5. Annick Lemitron
  6. Some Chinese Person
  7. 20 Below
  8. Danny Phee
  9. Angela Batts
  10. Emma Crafton
  11. Lois Drexel
  12. Grant Emmerson
  13. Jarren Altman
  14. Rayvin Ashlee
  15. S.L.
  16. Darence Richardson 
  17. T. Smokez
  18. Saleen Sablo
  19. Eddie Glenn
  20. Brianna Larsiny
  21. Arielle Barrett
  22. Sergio Vegas
  23. Othello Ragas
  24. A Muse (artist)
  25. Steven Gardner

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  1. Follow me on itunes ping


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