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Saturday, December 18, 2010

What's up with my Lite-On DVD+RW drive???

So, I spent about $60 on 100 blank Memorex DVD+R DL (Dual layer) (aka DVD9 or 8.5GB). I am using Nero and an external Lite-On DVD Writer that is capable of burning onto these discs. As a matter of fact it HAS been burning onto these discs up until recently. I haven't changed any software or done any damage to the discs or the writer. All of a sudden, whenever I'm using Nero to burn a DL DVD+R and I pop in the disc, first Nero freezes then the whole PC!!! I have to turn the power off to the external Lite-On DVDRW to get the PC to "unfreeze". Then, I have to turn the power back on and quickly eject the DL DVD+R before it freezes my system again. So, any clue as to WTH is going on???

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