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Sunday, December 26, 2010

@VIPJMac shares his Top 10 Fave Sex Scenes

Whats up world! Hope you all are preparing for a wonderful Christmas and holiday. Even though its freezing outside, i'm trying to keep things warmed up. My new single "Right Now" is catching ears with its raw sex appeal. In honor of the track, I bring to ya'll: J-Mac's TOP 10 SEX SCENES (Cue the music). And they are; (parential discretion advised)
10 Fave Sex Scene: Poetic Justice! Regina King rode that nigga in the back of the mail truck so good he came in like 3 min. Good work Gina.
9 Favorite Sex Scene: Dead Presidents! Anthony beat it up and literally ran off to war. At least he hit twice and got a baby.
8 Favorite Sex Scene: Baby Boy! Any time u end sex doin the beat it up right dance, awesome.
7 Favorite Sex Scene: Unfaithful! Any scene with the lady fucking the french man. Diana Lane is a freak! Shouts to the white girls!
6 Favorite Sex Scene: Boyz N Da Hood! Sex with Nia Long is the next logical step after you've jus swung on ghosts. Good move.
5 Favorite Sex Scene: Deception! Anybody seen this? With Hugh Jackson? Yea, this whole movie!
4 Favorite Sex Scene: Forgetting Sarah Marshall! The sex montage. "You can gag me. U wanna gag me?" "Well Kinda, now"...
3 Favorite Sex Scene: Love Jones! She hit him w/ that make-a-guy-run-thru-a-train-station pussy! I dig it.
2 Favorite Sex Scene Menace ll Society! He hit it once and was bout to move from LA to ATL! And it had "honey love" playing :)

Number one coming soon...any guesses?
Right Now Video Shoot

The first couple of days of shooting are wrapped! So now we get to the fun part. The next day of shooting will be a private hotel lingerie shoot. Ladies if you comfortable with your body on camera in lingerie, hit me. The shoot will be professional. And just in case you're wonderng what the fuss is about the song, check it out:J-Mac "Right Now" or check out the J-Mac "Right Now" Live Performance. Hope you all have a blessed holiday! And remember, i'm ya'lls biggest fan!!!


All the info above was quoted from J-Mac's mailer

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