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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is Mikey aka DJ Faze aka @DigitalDripped the new breed of cutthroat?

DJ Faze aka @DigitalDripped

So I noticed alot of Vegas artists were using a site called to host their songs. Then I come across this guy on twitter who goes by the name @DigitalDripped whom has a website called On this website, I immediately noticed that he posts (mainly) songs from major label artists but sprinkled throughout the mix is some songs from independent artists, alot of them being from Vegas. So, like any other person looking to promote themselves, I check the requirements for getting songs placed on the blog. At no point does it say anywhere that you will be charged. However, I go ahead and submit my song according to his requirements. For some strange reason, my song doesn't show up on the blog for about 2-3 days, then I receive this e-mail:

(Click the image to see the full size version and make sure you READ it!)

So, all of a sudden, here's this guy trying to charge me $10 to place a song on his site/blog even though (I know for a fact) Gucci Mane, Drake, and alot of the Vegas artists that have appeared on his site have NOT paid him a dime! So, what gives? Well, anyone with half a brain can see the scam here. We all know it takes less than a minute of someone's time to post such a blog and wassup with pretending there's not enough room to fit my song(s) on your site??? It's your site so you determine how much room is available on it right???

This seems to be the new hustle on the internet: Get people's attention by posting up MAJOR LABEL shit, then when an independent wants to be apart of it, CHARGE THEM. Since when did paying to get a blog post become cool? IMO if the site/blog doesn't get at least 1,000 unique hits a day or doesn't have at least 5,000 registered users or unique hits then it really ain't worth it.

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