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Saturday, February 27, 2010

SCAM ALERT!: Watunes CEO Kevin Rivers caught stealing royalties!

Kevin Rivers (CEO of Watunes) is a liar, thief, and con artist! He is also the KING of excuses. He runs a FAKE company called Xeinge, which is the parent company to his seperate scams Watunes (digital distribution) Music Expand (marketing/promotion) and Venzo Digital (another fake startup).

Kevin Rivers uses a program called MyPRGenie to post several press releases to sucker people into signing up with his company Watunes. He claims to offer FREE distribution of your music into stores like itunes, amazon, e-music, etc.. Now, although he DOES have the ability to place your music into some of these stores (not all as he claims), what happens next is the NASTY part!

Assuming you have made sales of your music on these digital retail outlets, Kevin Rivers has created his own accounting software, instead of using professional spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel, which purposely miscalculates your royalties, leaving himself with a HUGE chunk of change at your expense! He will then send you his doctored monthly accounting report stating you made a certain amount of sales when, in reality, you probably made ALOT more!

I am speaking on this from personal experience as I, and about 1,000 other "clients" of his, have been ripped off so far. PLEASE don't be his next victim! The level Kevin Rivers will stoop to to rip you off is ridiculous!

Xeinge, Watunes, Venzo Digital, and Music Expand are not REAL companies. The checks he issues even list Xeinge as a DBA, not a private corporation as he is claiming to be a CEO of. Kevin Rivers is NOT a CEO. He is a young man in his early 20's whom still lives with his father! He does not have a real office. His office is his bedroom in his father's house. He uses the internet to set up these systems to bait-and-switch customers so that he can steal a portion of their royalties from itunes. He has changed his business model several times as to purposely keep his customers confused.

The sickening part is he has his friends and family working with him on this. He claims they are his business partners. My attorney has learned otherwise. Known associates include:

Kyle Rivers (Kevin River's younger brother whom Kevin sometimes claims is the President or VP of Watunes)

Keith Rivers (Kevin Rivers' father and head of household)

Marlene Rivers (Kevin River's mother whom currently resides in GA)

In the event you are looking to pursue Kevin Rivers in court, here is his contact info

Kevin Rivers
1824 10th St
Port Huron, MI 48060

Kevin Rivers uses the following phone numbers:



  1. I'm one of those artists .. when I was with TuneCore I was making money every month with my albums, when I switched to WaTunes I wasn't making a single penny.

    Early on he was very communicative but after a few months went by and my music was not making a penny I finally wrote him asking him what was up .. he said he spotted an error and that there were some royalties owed.. $7.00 ..

    I immediately asked him to remove my work from all of the stores immediately and I ended my relationship with WaTunes.

    Now I'm looking for an alternative distribution channel that doesn't break the bank.


    It's not free to distribute, but I find it very nice so far. You have a profile that you can put your music on for free. Like I've read on a thread: It is all that MySpace should have been [with music]. Research about it before trying it. That goes for everything.


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