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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A very short bio (reminder)

My bio:
age 12 - (1994) fell in love with Hip-Hop

age 14 - (1996) started freestyling/writing

age 18 - (2000) got into the music business, writing, rapping, and producing for myself and others on an underground level

age 19 - (2001) My first commercial credit: Creative Direction and production for DJ Taz' album "It's On" (dist. by Select-O-Hits)

age 19 to age 23 - 2001 - feb. 8, 2004 - continue recording underground projects with underground artists

age 23 - feb 8, 2004 - summer 2007 - I move to Vegas to start a new life and take a 3 year break from music

age 26 - summer 2007 - I start making music again and reunite with DJ Taz through myspace. Due to lack of support from DJs on my previous efforts, I decide to become a mixtape DJ myself. From that point on, I made a mixtape almost every month.

age 27 - summer 2008 - I get a digital distribution deal for my independent label. I also become a social networking guru in order to promote my products.

and here we are ;)

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