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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei OVA (1987)

Overall: 7/10

Believe it or not, I didn't discover this anime until I began to process the NES OST for it. Then, when I learned it had an anime, I figured it was worth a look. I became bummed however when I discovered that the 1st OVA was never released in the U.S. There aren't even any signs of a HK bootleg version. So, you'd have to get it shipped from Japan! This OVA, as most animes are, was derived from the manga which spawned a franchise consisting of video games, animes, and spin-offs bka MegaTen.
This OVA had many unexplained phenomenons and the overall story could be confusing if you don't already know the theme and basis for it. It centralizes around Greek mythology and a Japanese computer hacker's desire to bring Loki into our world. He believes Loki can defend him or give him power against a school bully. This, of course, backfires when the boy realizes Loki is a greedy bastard who is just using him. Then more phenomena arises out of this situation and... well... you'll have to see it for yourself :P

Interesting points
* For the year it was made (1987), this was a very bloody and dark anime. Definitely rated R!
* In one scene, 2 possessed schoolboys hold a schoolgirl upside down, one on each leg, while a possessed schoolgirl bites her in the crotch!
* This is the first OVA I've seen with a cliffhanger ending. Kinda strange since there was no preordained sequel.
* The box art for this OVA and the NES game are identical
* The Persona video game series is a spin-off of this.
* The Japanese DVD is listed under Tokuma Anime Collection... no idea why
* To buy the DVD from Japan would cost anywhere from $30-$60
* I got lucky and found a shitty VHS fansub, then a couple days later, I found a HQDVDRip fansub!!!

More info @ anidb
More info @ ANN

Here's a commercial for the first game (for Famicom, the Jap NES)

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