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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Maktown Radio's finest: Mickey Factz and Donny Goines

This blog has been a long time coming. In little over a year, history has been made. I am incredibly proud of Mickey Factz and Donny Goines. About a year ago, when I began my Maktown Radio mixtape series, I came across some of their very first mixtapes. Although my Guest of Honor series was growing wildly popular, I wanted to create a series to showcase all the hot underground and unsigned talent I came across.

Before Mickey had rose to the fame he has now, I got a hold of his Back To The Future mixtape and put his song Juanita Applebottom on my mixtape Maktown Radio 0: Soundclick Vs. Myspace. Mickey's BTTF mixtape had a whole theme to it where Mickey basically did his own renditions of older Hip-Hop songs from the late 80's and early 90's. Immediately, I could see the genius behind the monster. So, you could imagine my excitement when I get on imeem many months later and see him being featured. I managed to get featured by imeem myself and eventually was voted "Artist of the Year" for a period of time in late 2008 in a user poll. Around this time, Mickey had another mixtape called Heaven's Fallout, in which he tried his hand over the electronic genre. I could tell, even in that short period of time, his skills had increased and this time I took 2 tracks Breathe Another Day and There's Nothing Left and put them on my Maktown Radio 3 mixtape. Then came the numerous heavyweights praising Mickey. He even had the chance to work with some of them. Recently, he signed a deal with Honda to be their 'Hip-Hop spokesperson'.

Donny Goines was another story. When I heard his mixtape Off The Books, I figured he was from the west coast since he was giving big up's to Bishop Lamont. Turns out he's in New York. But, once again, I could hear the hunger and picked up 2 joints, Hip-Hop Lazarus and Don't Be Blinded and put it on that very same mixtape Maktown Radio 0: Soundclick Vs. Myspace. Donny has also been able to get in touch with some heavyweights and I can confirm his next project will be a big event.

So, imagine my surprise when I see that these 2 are working side by side! Turns out Donny Goines and Mickey Factz run in the same circle. It's a small world but we have big dreams. You make a mixtape DJ proud.

Me, Fresh Daily, Theopolis London and Mickey Factz on stage d... on TwitPic

From left to right Fresh Daily, Donny Goines, Theopolis London and Mickey Factz on stage during one of Mickey Factz' performances at BHHF 08.

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  1. Out of all the artists featured on that XXL cover, Mickey Factz is the only one that didn't make shit of himself. Everyone else went on to do bigger and better things than him. What a shame.


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