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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Makell Bird's 2008 wrap-up!!!

Well, as promised on last year's wrap-up, 2008 was gonna be a big year for me. Looks like I kept my promise. I created so many web pages for myself and got into so much shit (both good and bad), that when I look back it's almost unreal. With that in mind, here's the final numbers for 2008 (4 days late)...
Profile Views: 1,718,097
Total Plays: 4,085,403
Friends/Fans: 6,790
Most popular song (currently available): I'm An ATLien (252,862 plays)
Total Hits: 869,556
Total Comments: 520
Friends/Fans: 57,258
Most Popular Mixtape: Makell Bird - How To Walk On Water (4,016 Hits)
Most Popular Mixtape Cover: 50 Cent & DJ Whoo Kid Present Makell Bird - Publicity Stunts (mock/hoax front cover) (218,506 hits)
Most Popular Song: Intro from Makell Bird - How To Walk On Water (2,070 hits)
Most Discussed: Makell Bird Presents Rurouni Kenshin Vs. Naruto (front cover) (28 comments)
Most Viewed: DJ Taz - Yearnin' (music video) (44,409 views)
Most Discussed: (14 comments)
Total Plays: 447,832
Most Viewed: Makell Bird (ft. DJ Taz) - Have Some Fun (promo video) (110,606 views)

So, as you can see, I put in major work in 2007! A slew of other honorable mentions including well over 25 features in print and on the web. I was also voted as, and maintained, the position of Artist of the Year on an imeem poll for most of the latter half of 2008. I also managed to creat my own distribution for my mixtapes and dumped the sites I felt were bullshit like datpiff.

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